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  The second interregional seminar on “Innovation and Cybersecurity”
  ALECSO and the Arab Civil Aviation Organization hold a scientific symposium on the project: The Unified Dictionary of Civil Aviation Terms
  The First Arab Forum for Environmental Protection in the Field of International Civil Aviation Via video communication technology, July 4-6, 2022
  ACAO & CAAS organised jointly the “Customised Personnel Licensing for Regulators Course”
  The eighth meeting of ACAO’s civil aviation security expert group in Muscat
  Meeting at the level of heads and directors-general of civil aviation authorities on the “global long-term aspirational goal” Via video conference
  ACAO/GCAA organised jointly Webinar on “Regulating The Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air in United Arab Emirates”
  ACAO, IATA & ICAO organised jointly Webinar on “CREW RESOURCE MANAGEMENT (CRM)”
  ACAO and CAA of Malesia (CAAM) organised jointly the “Fatigue Risk Management System for ANSP WS”
  ACAO, IATA, ICAO & CANSO organised jointly the “Fatigue Risk Management System Webinar”
  ACAO & ICAO organised jointly the “State Safety Programme Implementation WS”
  ACAO 48th Safety Committee Meeting - ASC/48 Hybrid, 22th -23th MAR 2022
  ACAO 46th Air Navigation Committee Meeting – ANC/46 Hybrid: 30th – 31st March 2022
  1st ACAO ATFM Sub-Group Meeting – AASG/1 Hybrid: 28th – 29th March 2022

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