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(Approved) From party Association the public First ten The Commission / Tripoli, 12-13 May 2008)

The mechanism for coordinating the nominations of Arab States for the membership of the ICAO Council and its committees shall be determined as follows:

1. States, which intend to present their candidacy for membership of the ICAO Council or its Technical Committees, in particular the Air Navigation Commission, shall notify the General Directorate of the nomination six months prior to the Council or the Navigation Commission’s election date, knowing that dates of ICAO key meetings are scheduled several months in advance.

2- The General Directorate shall, upon reaching the notification, take the necessary coordination measures according to the following:

In the event that the nominations are within the limits of the proposed seats agreed upon with the other regional groups and organizations, the General Directorate shall circulate the nominations to the Arab countries for the purpose of providing support. The General Directorate shall coordinate the process by contacting the relevant countries, organizations and regional groups for their support. .

B. If the number of nominations exceeds the proposed seats, the General Directorate shall communicate with the States concerned, but if it succeeds in finding a consensus, this is required. If this fails, the General Directorate shall submit the matter to the Executive Board at a regular or extraordinary meeting, if necessary, with the attendance of the Parties concerned in order to coordinate and broadcast such nominations.

If the consensual solution fails, the matter shall be submitted to the General Assembly if it is scheduled prior to the ICAO meetings or, if necessary, to an extraordinary Assembly with a view to final determination of the nominations.

C. In case of failure to reach a form of understanding or consensus in the General Assembly, the secret voting mechanism shall be used to select the candidates of the Arab List. The result of the voting shall be binding on all Member States.

(H) Member States shall support the complete list, the final broadcast of which shall be as the list of Arab nominations.

The General Directorate of the Organization shall notify the final approved list of the Presidency and the General Secretariat of the International Civil Aviation Organization.

D. All regional organizations that are affiliated with the Organization shall be informed of the cooperation and coordination relations with the list of approved Arab nominations for their support and support.

3. In the light of this, the General Directorate undertakes the necessary contacts with the regional groups to support the agreed nominations with the emphasis that the nominations are made within the regional groups that are the basis for ensuring fair representation for all regions of the world.