ABOUT ACAO Director General

Appointment mechanism of the Director-General


According to the Staff Regulations of Specialized Organizations


- The date of the vacancy of the position of Director General shall be announced by the Organization one year before the end of the term of the Director General through an official memorandum sent to the Member States and a copy thereof to the League of Arab States.


- Candidates for the position of Director General shall be nominated by the concerned authorities in the Member States and through the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of these countries. The States shall inform their nominations for the post of Director General of the concerned organization and the Secretariat of the League of Arab States.


The General Assembly shall elect the Director General from among the candidates of the Member States and appoint him for a period of four years renewable only once, taking into account the rule of trading among the Member States and on a functional basis and taking into account his commitment to national work and technical competence and his capacity for administrative leadership without any political considerations or Geographical or country