ABOUT ACAO Executive Council


Article 25: Membership of the Council

1 The Executive Council shall consist of nine Member States elected by the General Assembly from among the candidates of Member States for a term of two years.
2. The members of the Executive Board shall be among the Presidents and Directors-General of Civil Aviation or senior officials of the civil aviation authorities of Member States, who have the appropriate knowledge and experience in the field of civil aviation to carry out their duties.


Article 26: Quorum

The Executive Board shall be held in the presence of five members and shall issue its recommendations or decisions by a majority vote of the members present.


Article 27: Subcommittees

The Executive Council may establish committees and subdivide into specific functions and powers established by the General Assembly.


Article 28: Vacancy of office

1. If the position of a member of the Council is changed in such a way that he loses his eligibility for membership or in the event of death, he shall be replaced by the membership of the Council from his candidacy for that office.
2. If a member of the Executive Council withdraws from the membership of the Council, the next State shall replace the State whose member has withdrawn the number of votes.


Article 29: List of nominations

Any State which intends to nominate itself to the Executive Council may send written risks to the Director-General, who shall, at the opening of the regular session of the General Assembly at which the Council is elected, publish the list of nominations.


Article 30: Method of Election

1. The members of the Executive Council shall be elected by a majority vote of the members present.
2 If the number of nominations submitted to the Executive Council exceeds the number of members of the Council, the vote shall be taken by secret ballot.
4. Elected members shall serve on the date of closure of the regular session at which they were elected and shall continue to serve until the end of the next ordinary session.


Article 31: Voting

1. The Director-General shall prepare ballot papers distributed before the ballot, showing the names of the States nominated in the ballot.
2. The State may vote for any number of candidates provided that it does not exceed the number of nine. A positive vote shall be shown by placing an (x) in front of the name of the country for which the vote is given.
3. A ballot paper shall be considered invalid if the number of positive votes exceeds the number to be elected at that ballot.
4. The Director-General shall register the names of the States participating in each ballot.
5. The President of the General Assembly shall constitute a committee of States present for the counting of votes.
6. The President of the General Assembly shall announce the results of the ballot, which shall be confirmed in an official record, immediately after the counting process.


Article 32: The majority required

1. The elected State shall be deemed to be a member of the Council to obtain the positive votes of the majority of the total number of voting Member States. The deposit of the ballot paper is a vote.
2 If the number of Member States that obtained the majority in any ballot exceeds the number of vacancies, the States receiving the largest number of votes shall be elected.

3 If the number of States that have obtained a majority is less than the number of vacancies, States that have obtained a majority of the votes shall be deemed to be elected and, if necessary, another ballot or balloting shall be held to fill the remaining vacancies.
4. Only those Member States that have not obtained the required majority in the previous ballot may apply for candidacy in these ballots as provided in the preceding paragraph.
5. After each ballot in which a Member State does not obtain the required majority, the list of candidates shall be limited to no more than twice the number of vacancies remaining, and those Member States shall have the highest number of votes in the previous ballot.


Article 33: Equal votes

If the votes of two or more Member States are equal to the last place or places, a further ballot shall be held only by the States whose votes have been equal and which have at the same time obtained the largest number of votes. If votes are equally equal in that ballot, the President of the General Assembly shall draw lots to determine the State whose name is excluded.


Article 34: Amendments

Subject to the provisions of the Convention, the General Assembly may amend or amend any of the articles of this Statute by a two-thirds majority of the Member States.
If any of the provisions of this Regulation conflict with the provisions of the Arab Civil Aviation Organization Convention, the provisions of the Convention shall apply.


Article 35: Final Provisions

1 This rules shall enter into force on the date of its approval by the General Assembly
2. Subject to the provisions of Article 34 (Amendments), any relevant decision or regulation in contravention of this Law shall be deemed null and void