The First Arab Forum for Environmental Protection in the Field of International Civil Aviation Via video communication technology, July 4-6, 2022

Date : 14:24 / 07-07-2022

The Arab Civil Aviation Organization and the Arab Air Carriers Organization organized the first Arab Forum for the Protection of the Environment in the Field of International Civil Aviation under the slogan "An environment-friendly Arab sky", through video communication technology, during the period from 4 to 6 July 2022.

This forum witnessed the participation of 240 representatives and delegates of the member states of the organization (aviation authorities, airport authorities, and airlines), experts from countries, international and regional organizations, the aviation industry, universities and scientific research centers (the American Aviation Administration, the British transport sector, the Arab Civil Aviation Organization, and International Civil Aviation Organization, European Civil Aviation Conference, African Civil Aviation Commission, Arab Air Carriers Association, International Air Transport Association, Khalifa University of Science, Gulf Center for Carbon Footprint, Airports International in Europe, Airbus,...).

During this forum, the most important developments related to environmental protection were studied, through presentations made by a few experts or through dialogue sessions during which representatives of countries, international and regional organizations and the aviation industry presented their views on some related topics. Such as jet fuel and the national program to reduce emissions, green airports, noise and local air quality.

The trustees and directors general of international and regional organizations also presented environmental priorities, their view on setting an ambitious global long-term goal, international cooperation and capacity building. The participants in this forum adopted several recommendations with a view to strengthening international efforts to protect the environment in the field of international civil aviation.

During his closing speech, His Excellency the Director General of the Arab Civil Aviation Organization affirmed the organization's readiness to download these recommendations through the Environment Committee and within the framework of cooperation programs with international and regional organizations. His Excellency also stressed the organization of this meeting periodically to be a forum in which the commitment of Arab countries and the Arab Civil Aviation Organization to protect the environment is renewed.




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