ACAO 46th Air Navigation Committee Meeting – ANC/46 Hybrid: 30th – 31st March 2022

Date : 12:53 / 06-04-2022

The ACAO 46th Air navigation Committee Hybrid meeting ANC/46 has been held during the period 30 and 31 of March 2022. The meeting has been chaired by Mr. Tayseer Abdelkarim representative of the State of Egypt, while its secretariat was ensured by Hicham Bennani Air navigation Expert within the ACAO.

The meeting was attended by a total of 28 participants (6 in-person) from 12 States and 3 Organisations.

Mr. Tayseer Abdelkarim Chairperson of the safety committee opened the meeting welcoming the participants and recalling for the impact of the COVID 19 on the aviation and measures taken to face it. In his elocution Mr. Manar Abdenebi the Director General of the ACAO pointed out the importance of preparation of the ICAO A41 using the coordination mechanism amended on the light of the lessons learned from its implementation during the ICAO High Level Conference HLCC/21.

In addition to the review of the list of actions and decisions taken as result of the previous session, the meeting adopted a series of recommendations regarding the implementation of the ATFM (outcomes of the 1st ACAO ATFM SG meeting- ATFM strategic highlines), GNSS (Outcomes of 1st ACAO GNSS meeting- GNSS Strategy) and Over Flight Permit process plan aiming supporting the Members States who request it, as well as the 2023/2024 plan of ACAO Air Navigation activities.

The meeting was a good opportunity to present the outcomes of the MIDANPIRG/19 event. The participants discussed the frequency management challenges, the 5G potential risk on aviation in the region, the cybersecurity concerned threats.





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