The Arab Labor Organization celebrates the fifty-seventh anniversary of its founding

Date : 11:46 / 13-01-2022

The Arab Labor Organization is the first Arab organization specialized in labor and labor issues in the Arab world, and it celebrates its birth on January 12th of each year.


The Arab Labour Organizationwhich is one of the joint Arab action organizations affiliated with the League of Arab States, is unique in its tripartite representation. Its partners are the three parties to production in the Arab countries (governments, employers and workers) together, they form the solid pillars of this great edifice, which was established to achieve noble goals stipulated in the Arab Labour Charter the constitution of the organization through the participation of the organizations of employers, workers and governments in all the activities of the organization and its constitutional bodies; Believing in the importance of the solidarity of the three production parties, and recognizing that cooperation in the field of work is the best guarantee of Arab human rights in a dignified life based on social justice.


The organization stated in a statement on the occasion of the fifty-seventh anniversary of its founding, that the Corona pandemic crisis that the world of work suffers from today, which has entered its third year, has exceeded the effects of the global financial crisis or the so-called Great Depression, and has created an existential threat that transcends just being an emergency health pandemic. As a result, both workers and employers have been harmed, and Arab governments have made every effort to overcome its multidimensional effects.


In the same statement, the organization highly valued the efforts of Arab governments in responding to this unprecedented crisis and mitigating its economic and social consequences in partnership with organizations of workers and employers by consolidating the pillars of effective national social dialogue, which resulted in policies, plans, measures and incentive programs to support economic establishments and protect jobs and incomes. and labour gains, and the Arab Labour Organization seeks to support continuous efforts to address the repercussions of this pandemic and its modifiers, which require qualitative successive interventions that keep pace with the development and spread of the virus and its modifiers according to the available resources and capabilities, and necessitate a rearrangement of priorities at the national and Arab levels.


On the basis of its national responsibility, the Arab Labor Organization affirmed its commitment to its duties, and its continuous readiness to provide all possible technical support to governments and social partners to contribute to building and developing participatory, comprehensive and sustainable recovery policies, so that they are more able to withstand any future emergency crises, through the distinguished Arab social dialogue platform. Which provides an opportunity for a better Arab integrated reconstruction.




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