GCAA (UAE) with the support of ACAO and ICAO organise the 2nd session of Month of Knowledge for the Future of ANS “MOKFANS/21”

Date : 03-10-2021

Series of 6 educational Webinar 3, 6, 10, 20, 24 & 27 October 2021, from 0800 UTC –


the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), in collaboration with the Arab Civil Aviation Organization (ACAO) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is organising the 2021 (2nd) session of the Month Of Knowledge for the Future of ANS “MOKFANS” during October 2021. It consists on series of 6 educational and awareness Webinar with different topics related to the future of the ANS. The aim of these series of webinars is to share the knowledge and experiences of the proposed subjects with the aviation community. As a reminder, the 1st session has been attended by about 2657 participants for 10 webinars.

These webinars, are provided at no cost, and will highlight the importance of ANS, issues, improvements and benefits for States. Global experts will share their experiences and speakers from international organizations will share their expertise during the webinars.

The initiative serves as a platform for discussions and guidance on the below topics and is open to free participation from interested States, organisations, stakeholders.





Future of Flight Data Exchange


1- How flight data is important to Aviation Industry
2- The importance of migrating to FF-ICE
3- Where to start
4- The latest development and future of FF-ICE

AIM SWIM Service


Sharing knowledge & discussion on the possible features that could be made available through AIM SWIM Service(website) example: AIP Data Viewer, Graphical Visualization(2D/3D) and various data exchange export functionalities.

Generations of ATC


An extraordinary session, to host different generations of ATCO's (Retired, Sup, Young) and a Pilot, to discuss the importance of ATC, Past, Current and Future.

Artificial Intelligence in the OPS room


To be Update

Facility Management of Critical infrastructure


1- Maintenance impotency
2- Building a robust maintenance program
3- Policies procedure and work instructions
4- Vendor management
5- Health and safety
6- Environment

Cyber Security


To be Update

Further information on the registration and detailed program will be posted very soon.




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