The 63rd session of the Executive Council of the Arab Civil Aviation Organization

Date : 09:01 / 30-06-2021

The Arab Civil Aviation Organization held the 63rd session of the meeting of its Executive Council in Rabat, in the presence of their Excellences the heads of aviation authorities of the member states.

The Executive Council of the organization addressed current issues, mainly the study of the new organizational structure of the organization with the draft job description, as well as the organization’s general strategic plan for the period 2020-2022.

 The Council discussed the measures taken to confront the emerging pandemic of the Corona virus and the mechanisms for the restart and recovery of the civil aviation sector based on the charter of the League of Arab States and the pivotal role it aspired to, especially in encouraging Arab-Arab cooperation through a group of specialized organizations formed at various levels within and outside the framework of the League.

 This is an affirmation of the main role for which the Arab Civil Aviation Organization was established as a specialized Arab organization at the League of Arab States that aims to strengthen cooperation and coordination between Arab countries in the field of civil aviation and its development, while laying the foundations for it standardization and responding to the needs of the Arab nation in terms of Safe, sound and regular air transportation.

 This also stems from the commitment of the member states of the Arab Civil Aviation Organization to the principles and objectives enshrined in the agreement establishing the organization and its strategic plan, especially the relevant roles that aim to reinforce and strengthen the bonds of unity and solidarity among member states, while defending their public interests and establishing coordination between them and with international organizations and regional blocs,  guided by the values ​​of unity and brotherhood promoted by our true religion, which stresses the necessity of strengthening and consolidating the bonds of unity and solidarity among Member States to secure their common interests in the international arena, and the organization’s deep concern about the epidemic caused by the coronavirus disease (Covid-19). ) which has so far impacted all countries and regions of the world and had devastating global effects and posed unprecedented challenges.




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