The Arab Civil Aviation Organization participates in the first joint virtual forum between the International Civil Aviation Organization and INTERPOL on passenger data exchange

Date : 12:47 / 29-05-2021

Rabat - The Arab Civil Aviation Organization participated, on May 27 and 28, 2021, in the first joint forum between the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and INTERPOL on passenger data exchange, as part of the efforts of ICAO, international and regional organizations, the aviation industry, border control authorities, and agencies in charge of issuing travel documents to seek more efficient and secure ways to identify and process travelers by harnessing the capabilities and opportunities offered by new and emerging technologies.

During this forum, panelists from the Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate and the United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism focused on basic principles of passenger data sharing through:

  • Clarifying the enhanced global framework of the United Nations counter-terrorism efforts,
  • United Nations Counter-Terrorism Travel Program.
  • UN Sanctions and Threat Assessments

The Forum also focused on interoperable applications to improve border control, by expanding on topics related to:

  • Basics of Passenger Data or Advance Passenger Information (API) and Passenger Name Record (PNR) and the need for collaboration and data exchange to ensure safe passport issuance and border control.
  • API and iAPI processing in one window for passenger data;
  • Effective use by INTERPOL of Advance Passenger Information (API) for an integrated approach to border management, such as access to I-247 databases, and the Stolen and Lost Travel Documents Database (SLTD).
  • Automated Targeting System - Global (ATS-G) for the USA.
  • The Global Travel Assessment System (GTAS) of the International Customs Organization.
  • Advance Information Activities of the European Border Control Agency.
  • IOM API/PNR Global Software and Solutions.




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