The thirty-third meeting of ACAO’s Civil Aviation Security Committee

Date : 12:53 / 01-04-2021

Rabat - The Civil Aviation Security Committee of the Arab Civil Aviation Organization held its 33rd meeting via visual communication technology, on March 29 and 31, 2021, with the participation of 22 experts representing 12 member states of the organization, in addition to the participation of representatives of the Arab Air Carriers organization. During this meeting, participants discussed developments and measures related to civil aviation security in light of the outbreak of the Corona pandemic.


During his opening speech for the twenty-third session, His Excellency the Director General stressed the need for coordination between Arab countries and the exchange of expertise and experiences to focus on issues of common Arab interest, such as cybersecurity, awareness-raising and  disseminating a security culture while exerting more efforts to organize a regional discussion on a number of issues related to aviation security threats facing Arab countries, by strengthening and crystallizing common views on the best approach for promoting Arab integration. This comes in line with the recommendations of the international symposium "Challenges and Achievements" organized by the Arab Organization on February 7, 2021, on the occasion of its 25th anniversary.


In view of the distinct human resources potential of Arab countries. His Excellency the Director General directed a "call for professionals in the field of civil aviation to share experiences and best practices " through a special program and platform established by the Arab Civil Aviation Organization for this purpose.


As far as participants' deliberations during the twenty-third meeting of the committee are concerned, the committee has approved the outcomes of the sixth meeting of the Aviation Security Experts Group, which was organized by video communication on March 18, 2021, including updating the roadmap to prepare unified standards for licensing security screening personnel.


As a contribution to achieving the goals of the Arab Civil Aviation Organization and promoting joint Arab action, the committee established a working group on cybersecurity with the understanding that the first meeting of the group will be held during this year. It also approved the organization of the Arab Aviation Security Forum on experiences and best practices.


Keen to contribute to the success of the International Civil Aviation Organization's initiative "2021, the year of security culture," the participants agreed to organize an Arab Day for Security Culture during this year.


During this meeting, participants also discussed topics related to aviation security developments, such as the impact of the Corona pandemic on the internal threat to aviation security, the national context of the threat, and other topics.


In view of the current developments and emerging threats facing civil aviation security, participants agreed to organize a workshop on unmanned aircraft threats.




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