Air Policy Forum entitled: "Building Resilience in Times of Turbulence"

Date : 09:31 / 30-03-2021

His Excellency Eng. Abdennebi Manar, Director General of the Arab Civil Aviation Organization, participated on Tuesday, 30 March 2021, in the work of the Air Policy Forum organized by the Arab Air Carriers Organization and the International Air Transport Association under the title: "Building Resilience in Times of Turbulence".

The forum witnessed open debates on several actual topics of interest related to the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, mainly:

  • The current situation of the air transport sector, a year after the start of the Corona crisis
  •  Global guidelines for air transport recovery and the extent of governmental are implementation of these guidelines
  • Discussions about countries' implementation of health corridors
  • The role of the air transport sector in the economic recovery
  • Environmental sustainability of the air transport sector

The forum witnessed the participation of all representatives of the Arab Air Carriers Organization member airlines belonging to the departments of air policy, government affairs, environmental affairs, and legal affairs, commercial directors, experts in air transport and environmental affairs at the Arab aviation authorities, in addition to representatives of local and international organizations working in the sector.

The participation of the General Administration of the organization during the second session of this forum, dealt with the topic: bridging the gap between the global guidelines for biosafety and their implementation by governments, included a discussion on public health corridors, which came through the presentation made by His Excellency Engineer Abdennebi Manar, under the title: Paving the way for Restoring air transport, by achieving sustainable development goals, given that the air transport sector contributes significantly to global economic growth and social development, as it creates job opportunities, facilitates trade, and enables tourism around the world. Safe, reliable and cost-effective air transport supports the Strategic Development Goals and should be viewed as a development imperative by governments.

The presentation also covered the various considerations that have been taken into account to confront this epidemic, namely safety considerations, facilitation and public health considerations (CAPSCA), and various crisis management measures, both those that have been adopted at the global level at the initiative of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), or those that have been taken at the level of the Arab region within the partnerships concluded between the Arab Civil Aviation Organization and various regional partners (the Arab Tourism Organization, the Arab Air Carriers Organization ...).

It was also recalled that, in order to provide new guidance in this field as quickly as possible, so that countries can pursue their coordination, cooperation and effective communication to maintain the highest possible levels of aviation safety while keeping critical operations under way, it was decided to establish a task force for the recovery of the aviation sector at the Council level. The International Civil Aviation Organization (CART), to provide unified global guidelines for the restart and recovery of the aviation sector in a safe, secure and sustainable manner based on the main principles and recommendations included in either the first or second edition of the “Air Travel Handbook during the Public Health Crisis caused by the emerging corona virus.”, as well as the "Global Implementation Roadmap" framed by the Secretariat of the International Civil Aviation Organization, which constitutes a high-level implementation framework.





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