Virtual Ceremony of the signature of Memorandum of Understanding between DfT and ACAO on « Aviation Security»

Date : 07:18 / 26-03-2021

On March, 25th 2021, The UK Department for Transport (DfT) and the Arab Civil Aviation Organization (ACAO) organized a virtual signing ceremony of the  “ Memorandum of Understanding” on Aviation Security (AVSEC).


The main objectives of the MoU are to establish a lasting framework for a technical co-operation in AVSEC. Throughout this MoU, DFT and ACAO have decided, with mutual commitment, to reaffirm and maintain long-term and comprehensive relations based on the principles of equality, understanding, respect and confidence.


Under the Umbrella of this MoU, DFT and ACAO will endeavour to establish programmes and/or arrangements for the development and technical expertise in relation to Aviation Security (AVSEC). They will also share their experiences on the subject of enhancing Aviation Security in accordance to the International Regulation.


Dft and ACAO agreed their cooperation should be expanded by organising an annual dialogue on aviation security under the umbrella of ACAO and DfT.


During the ceremony, ACAO and DfT further discussed the cooperation programme for 2021.




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