ACAO & CAAS organised jointly the “Customised Personnel Licensing for Regulators Course”

Date : 19:54 / 02-07-2022

in the framework of their cooperation within capacity building project, Arab Civil Aviation Organisation (ACAO) and Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) organised jointly the “Customised Personnel Licensing for Regulators Course” in Rabat, Morocco from 27th June to 1st July 2022.


This course provided the fundamental knowledge required of Personnel Licensing (PEL) officers and inspectors. Its main objective was to provide participants with an overview and update on the different requirements of a PEL office, categorize the essential components and proficiency needs, describe the processing of licenses and language as well as to be initiated with Risk based oversight applied on PEL domain. Also, the course introduced the Competency based Training & Assessment (CBTA) applied to PEL technical Area.


The course targeted audience as PEL officers and staff involved in oversight of PEL system including flight operations inspectors as well as Air Navigation Inspectors.


17 participants attended the course provided by Mr. ALAN Tang speakers from CAAS and facilitated by Hicham Bennani (ACAO) and BALA Palani (CAAS).





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