Meeting at the level of heads and directors-general of civil aviation authorities on the “global long-term aspirational goal” Via video conference

Date : 09:47 / 30-06-2022

On June 23, 2022, the Arab Civil Aviation Organization organized a meeting at the level of the member State’s heads and general managers of civil aviation authorities to study the topic of "the global goal, a long-term aspiration in the field of international civil aviation", via video conference.


Heads and general managers of the Arab aviation authorities or their delegates participated in this meeting, as well as representatives of international and regional organizations.


During this meeting, representatives of international and regional organizations (the International Civil Aviation Organization, the European Civil Aviation Conference, the Latin Commission for Civil Aviation, the International Air Transport Association and the Arab Air Carriers Organization) and heads of aviation authorities of the Arab States presented their views on the feasibility of setting an aspirational global Long Term Goal in the field of international civil aviation.


This meeting, which witnessed the participation of 40 officials, falls within the implementation of the decisions of the Environment Related Decisions of the Executive Council of the organization.




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