ACAO and CAA of Malesia (CAAM) organised jointly the “Fatigue Risk Management System for ANSP WS”

Date : 19:21 / 17-06-2022

n the framework of their cooperation within capacity building project, and via the Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme (MCTP) ACAO and Civil Aviation Authority of Malesia (CAAM) organised jointly a Workshop on “Fatigue Risk Management System for Air Navigation Service providers” (Virtual), from 13 to 17 June 2022.


The main objective of the WS was to provide participants with an overview and update on Fatigue Risk Management including the ICAO provisions on the subject. It was also aiming to provide, targeted personnel from Regulator and service Providers with essential knowledge, skills and attitude to understand that fatigue is a safety concern and manage fatigue within a safety system in air traffic operations.


Since the signature of the Memorandum of Cooperation between Civil Aviation Authority of Malesia (CAAM) and the Arab Civil Aviation Organization (ACAO), both parties worked together for the development of the Civil Aviation globally but particularly between the ASIA and Arab countries. Aviation cannot evolve without well qualified human resources, this is why, the both parties committed to play an important role in the development of capacity building project within the region, which is supporting Civil Aviation Authorities and equipping their aviation professionals with up-to-date competencies to meet new challenges particularly those which emerge during the post COVID-19 pandemic.12 from ACAO attended the joint ACAO/CAAM FRMS for ANSPs course provided.





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