1st ACAO ATFM Sub-Group Meeting – AASG/1 Hybrid: 28th – 29th March 2022

Date : 11:40 / 05-04-2022

The 1st ACAO ATFM Sub-Group Hybrid Meeting – AASG/1 has been held during the period 28 and 29 of March 2022. The meeting has been chaired by Mr. Ahmed Aboughallab representative of the State of Saudi arabia as result of its elecetion, the vis-chairperson elected was Mr. Sabbari Mohamed representative of the State of Morocco, while its secretariat was ensured by Hicham Bennani Air navigation Expert within the ACAO.

The meeting was attended by a total of 16 participants (6 in-person) from 9 States.

Mr. Manar Abdenebi the Director General of the ACAO opened the meeting welcoming the participants and recalling the importance of the meeting which will tackle challenges on the ATFM within the region bringing up the result of the CNS/ATM study conducted by ACAO on 2015.

The meeting endorsed the ToR of the Sub Group and agreed on the highlines of the proposed ATFM approach presented by ACAO Secretariat. The secretariat presented also a summary review on the ATFM programs run within the MID region based on the multimodal concept.




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