Mr Luay Ishaqat

Aviation Security Expert, Cooperative Aviation Security Programme Middle East (CASP-MID)

Luay Ishaqat With more than 20 years of Aviation Security, Luay has started his Aviation Security Carrier in 1996 as an airport security officer in Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA) when he was a 2nd lieutenant at the Special Security and Protection Unit. He was a sky Marshal on board Royal Jordanian Airlines till late 1998. After retirement as a Lt. Colonel, he headed QAIA Security as AVSEC Director for 8 years, where he experienced the building of the new terminal and demolishing of the old one. In July 2016 he joined ICAO MID Office as the Regional Aviation Security and Facilitation Officer for 3 years then moved to the Cooperative Aviation Security Programme Middle East (CASP-MID) as its Programme Coordinator and based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He is an ICAO Certified Instructor (2011), Certified ICAO Auditor (2014) and Holder of PMC (2009).