Eng Fahad Sh Al Anazi

Civil Aviation Security Director at Kuwait DGCA.

Thirty two years of aviation experience , twenty -five of them with the industry - Kuwait airways and Amiri fleet , and seven years with the local authority - DGCA.

Graduated as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer from AST in Scotland, hold both B1/B2 licenses and approved engineer in B-747-200/400/800, A310, A320, A319, A340, and Gulfstream GV/G550. Attended many specialized, technical, and management courses locally and internationally in manufacturers (Boing, Gulfstream, and Airbus). And in universities (Embry riddle and cranfield university).

Started my carrier at the Airline as a trainee Engineer in 1988 and retired in 2014 as a Amiri fleet section Superintendent.

Later Joined Kuwait DGCA Aviation Safety Department in 2014 at Airworthiness Section and worked as Airworthiness inspector, then appointed as head of aerodrome certification and security, while heading the division I also performed the function of Aviation Security Inspector, Aerodrome Inspector and National Instructor.

In 2018 a new Civil Aviation Security department was established and I was promoted as a director.

Currently fully engaged with Aviation Security matters and held the chairperson of SECFAL PDG, at present the chairperson of Regional Aviation Security and facilitation Group RASFG and state National Coordinator with the ICAO.