Mr Da Silva Saulo

Chief of the Global Interoperable System section and Secretary of the Trust Framework Study Group, ICAO

Saulo da Silva began his career as an Air Traffic Controller in 1985. After graduated in Electrical Engineering and obtaining a Master degree in Air Transport Engineering and a post-graduation in Air Traffic Management he moved to the Brazilian Air Navigation Service Provider headquarters where he became a procedure designer and an airspace manager. Saulo has a long international career and participated and provided services to several ICAO regional and global meetings.

Saulo joined ICAO in 2007 as an Air Traffic Management Technical Officer. Currently Saulo is the Chief of the Global Interoperable Systems Section in the ICAO Air Navigation Bureau and responsible for the development of the Global Air Navigation Plan, the development of system-wide information management (SWIM) and also responsible for the development of an international aviation trust framework to help the aviation system to face cyber threats and keep resilience considering the interconnected aviation ecosystem. Saulo is currently pursuing his PhD on cybersecurity for air navigation systems.