ICAO Accident Investigation Panel meets in Montreal


Montreal, 29 April - 2 May - Accident investigators from across all regions met in Montreal for the fifth meeting of the ICAO Accident Investigation Panel (AIG), chaired by Olivier Ferrante of the French Bureau d´Enquêtes et d´Analyses (BEA). European investigators from France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom participated in the Panel discussions.

Following the recent amendments to ICAO Annex 13, this year´s discussions focused on a new competency framework for investi-gators and related training and assessment. The Panel also looked at possible amend-ments to Annex 13, including new Standards and Recommended Practices on the investi-gation of RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) accidents and serious incidents, an update of guidance material on Safety Re-commendations of Global Concern, and the possible inclusion of an assessment of the Global Aeronautical Distress and Safety Sys-tem (GADSS) performance in accident investigation reports.The Panel also discussed the results of a worldwide review of 1157 fatal acci-dents to civil aircraft with a mass of over 5700 kg between 1990 and 2016, which indicated that only 41% had resulted in a Final Report being made publi-cly available. The Panel agreed on a way forward to better understand the rea-sons for the lack of repor-ting. All proposals from the AIG Panel will be submitted to the ICAO Air Navigation Commission for further consideration by the end of the year.





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