Dubai airport keeps its 'World record'


Dubai airport has exceeded 8 million passengers twice during 2018.

Skynews Arabic- Abu Dhabi- Dubai International Airport has kept its world record as the world´s largest airport in terms of number of international passengers for the fifth year in a row, with the number of passengers using the airport reaching 89 million passengers in 2018.

According to a report issued by Dubai Airports, the total number of passengers using the airport last year was 89,149,387 passengers (1 percent more) compared to 2017,.

The airport was able to exceed 8 million passengers twice over the past year in July, reaching 8.2 million passengers and 8.4 million passengers in August, which makes it the busiest month in the history of the airport since its establishment in 1960.

Dubai airport overtook London´s Heathrow airport for the first time as the world´s busiest airport in 2014. It has maintained the title ever since, with the arrival of some 75 airlines to Dubai Airport, as an East-West travel gateway.

India continued to lead the list of top destination from Dubai Airport last year, with 12,729,485 passengers, with a greater focus on the cities of Mumbai, Delhi and Kuchin.

Saudi Arabia came second on the list with 6 million, 471,142 passengers, followed by Britain with a narrow margin of 6 million 284,771 passengers.

Other high-profile countries include the United States (3 million 205,000 and 524 passengers).

According to the source, China topped the list of important markets with a figure of 3 million, 512 and 75 passengers, with a 6 percent increase, and Russia (1,533,654 passengers), with a 14.5 percent increase.





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